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With the rapid growth of IT hubs and accessibility to the internet, more and more homeowners and small businesses are choosing smart home monitoring systems to protect themselves from potential threats and burglaries. 

These security technologies from Vipre electronics allow you to monitor your home and Business from any distance with the help of our smart alarm panel devices and smartphones. 

Smart Security panels are designed to offer Integration with a real monitoring experience with minimal disruptions so that you can watch out for any suspicious activities regularly.

Without further ado, here are seven must-have smart access control systems.


7 smart security systems to monitor the home & business


1. Back to Base Security Systems Using GPRS 4G 5G

Back to base security systems are one of the most effective ways to monitor your home. It ensures you peace of mind with security professionals monitoring your security system 24/7.

These security professionals are trained to provide you with immediate support all day and night. If your alarm system triggers, you will be notified of the same almost immediately. If you are unable to reach your place, you can also nominate a contact person or, in some cases, ask emergency services to monitor the location. 

Use GPRS Technology 4G 5G Considering back to base security systems for your home and business will offer you an extra layer of protection, especially when you are travelling somewhere or due to extended holidays. 

Now with App control allow you to arm and disarm the system with live everts


2. Live Streaming Security CCTV Cameras

One of the most popular smart security devices among homeowners and Businesses is Security cameras that stream live video Via an nvr system. Live streaming security cameras can be placed indoors and outdoors. 

These smart cameras offer instant visual reassurance to homeowners, Businesses and ensure peace of mind. Live streaming cameras are an ideal monitoring solution for any situation - from checking up on your kids and elderly relatives to keeping an eye on pets check staff make and OH&S. 

This system can be viewed from anywhere outside the network using your smartphone. pc or tablet also is connected back to the control room. CCTV can either be a part of the device security package or an add-on to your existing home security system.


3. Sensors

Motion sensors and door contacts are standard components with all home and business security systems. These security solutions are generally installed to monitor the main entry points and windows of your home. 

However, sensors can also be beneficial to monitor other areas of your home. You can choose to install sensors for added security or help detect suspicious activities or stop burglars from accessing a restricted part of your home. 

Nowadays, PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors are quite popular among homeowners for detecting the motion of a heat-emitting body within the sensor’s range. If the detector is triggered, it will immediately take and send a photo to you, providing proof of an incident.


4. Mobile App

Smart devices and mobile apps go hand in hand. The evolution of smart devices has resulted in building a mobile application for different types of home and business security systems. 

You can control their alarm system through a mobile application, providing complete access to your home or work site anytime and anywhere. Mobile apps can monitor your home and business by sending you a notification when the security system is triggered. 

Such mobile applications can also be programmed to send you an alarm if someone is trying to disarm your home alarm system or to check the status of your home security system. 

With mobile applications, you can also remotely disarm your alarm system and switch it back on later.


5. Security Patrol Cars

You can now authorize security patrol cars to find evidence of a burglary and report it to the officials. 

Authorizing your security system to send a patrol car can be an ideal decision for you, especially when you are away from your home and receive notification that your alarm system has been triggered. 

Patrol cars can be beneficial for frequent travellers or someone who is planning for an extended holiday. You will need to pay a small fee to authorize to send out a patrol car.


6. Intercom Facility

An intercom facility is one of the most common security devices to safeguard your home. If an intercom facility is a part of your access control system and can be connected back to your alarm system, it can open the doors or restrict entry. 

These security devices provide convenient management and monitoring of visitors while minimizing the burden on security staff and assuring you complete safety and security. You can also communicate with the visitor through an in-built microphone and the door station.


7. Access control integration 

Access control is smart devices used to monitor your Business and home entry point also can be connected to your current lighting system. These smart devices require an access card, apps or a code to unlock doors, gates roller doors and operate lights around your Home or Business. 

Access control alarm system will send you a notification on your mobile phone regarding access and alarm which allow you to have complete control of your site.


Other Smart Security Devices:

  • Smart Doorbells - Send an alert when someone is at the doorstep.
  • Smart Thermostat - Send an alert when the temperature rises above or falls below. used in Freezers or Fridge applications (Vaccines monitoring)
  • Light control  - allows you to control the lights when the alarm is on or off
  • Outdoor External Beam – allow external protection to be monitored

At Vipre Electronics, we supply, service and install a wide variety of home or building security systems including CCTV cameras and intrusion alarm systems plus access control. To know more about our services, get in touch with us. You can also request a quick quote online.


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