Vision X Intrusion Alarm

Vision X Intrusion alarm with App control and Notifications

Vision X Intrusion Alarm

Vision X alarm and CCTV All in one Specifications

Designed and assembled in Australia to meet local requirements the Vision X panel offers and extensive feature list. The Vision-X has an extensive peripheral list all operating over an industry standard RS485 Bus and plug-on Modules that allow for IP, GSM Backup and GPRS communication options.
The Vision X Intrusion offers an extensive feature list including integrated proximity, numerous wire free options, Automation control options and integrated.
Vision X Not only does it offer full control you can also review your zone status as well as control outputs & doors. Have you ever driven away only to return a few minutes later to make sure you turned the alarm on? With the Vision X and MyAlarm app it is no problem just your phone to check the alarm status.

Connect to the MyAlarm cloud security service to make use of the iFob Control app available on both IOS and AndroidOS. Check system status, arm or disarm, and operate doors and outputs. You’ll never miss an alarm event with push, voice, SMS or email notification available. You will know when other users have armed or disarmed the system – like your children coming home, or your staff locking up when leaving.

  • 16 on-board zones (expandable to 144 wired or wireless), partitionable to 8 areas with 990 PIN, token, key fob and fingerprint users
  • 2000 event log
  • Smart card keypads, weather-proof external metal keypads, internal and external LAN readers and fingerprint Lan readers available
  • GSM/GPRS and Ethernet options
  • System comes with 3 outputs expanded to 24 outputs.
  • Wireless RF remote controls with Multi vendor RF Wireless support (Bosch, Crow, Inovonics)
  • Keyswitch, Prox and Biometric arming options
  • Outputs expandable to 37 via output Expanders with 75+ Output Event Types
  • Full text menu display for Programming and User Control
  • EMI / Lightning transient protection

Vision comes with Conettix IP Ethernet Module allows you to connect the Vision control panel to your existing IP network. It allows the Panel to control and to communicate with other devices. The IP card offer a high security path for transferring alarm signal information to and from the Security Monitoring Centre or to your mobile phone via the My alarm ifob app. Subscription is needed to connect back to our server.

Vision X Intrusion Alarm
Vision X Intrusion Alarm
Remote Control
Vision X Intrusion Alarm
Vision X Intrusion Alarm
Vision X Intrusion Alarm

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